Pastoral Care and Counseling

Our pastor, program staff and Care Ministry Volunteers can provide compassionate conversations when life is wonderful, and especially when life comes at us with cares, concerns, brokenness, or heartache. We can also recommend several gifted Christian counselors when needed. Get connected with someone from our care team today by clicking here.


The Prayer Ministry Team is comprised of more than 40 people who pray daily for the concerns of our community and beyond. The team prays for those who are hurting, grieving and who are in need of healing. Some prayer concerns are huge, others small, but the blessings and answers to prayer have been abundant. To place a prayer request, please connect here.


Ortega Church has two beautiful spaces to celebrate the Vows of Christian Marriage and we would be honored to host your ceremony! The reverent and colorful Sanctuary has ample space for larger weddings and our lovely Chapel for the more intimate gathering. For more information on wedding arrangements, please connect here.


Ortega Church offers compassionate and competent care when our church family experiences the death of a loved one. Celebrations of Life are conducted as funerals or memorial services in our chapel or sanctuary. For an urgent concern, please contact Winslow at 904.389.5556 (Ext 118), or Pastor Art McClellan at extension 112. For general information, please connect here.


Ortega Church maintains a Columbarium for the internment of ash cremains.  The columbarium is located in the beautiful Memorial Garden found in the courtyard of our church.  The columbarium is a reverent resting space for members, present and past, or family members. 

For more information, please contact Brendon Greeves in the Church Office at 904.389.5556, ext 118